The Perfect Baseball Cap for Every Face Shape

By: Miriam Tai / 19 March 2019


“I don’t look good in baseball caps.” 

I hear this a lot and it’s almost always wrong. Yes, we all look silly in certain hats. But balance is key to finding the most flattering hat to complete your outfit; it’s all about size. Specifically, it’s all about making sure that the visor and crown aren’t too big or too small. 


Long Faces // Dad Hats + Sport Caps

Wear – Short visors, curve visors, low to mid crowns

Avoid – Tall crowns, flat visors

If you have a long face, tall hats are not very flattering – as this elongates your face even more. Work with crowns that are deep enough to cover a good portion of your forehead, this will allow to even out the length of your face.

Ryan Gosling & Kim Kardashian


Recommended styles for long faces


Square Faces // Dad Hats + Snapbacks + Sport Caps

Wear – Curve visors, unstructured, low to high crowns

Avoid – Flat and wide visors

Square faces are characterized by an equal proportion of forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Soften your features by choosing styles that have a softer shape and have curvilinear lines. Avoid hats that are angular, this will compete with your structured face and come across too strong.

Brad Pitt & Fergie



Heart Faces // Dad Hats + Sport Caps

Wear – Curve visor, low to mid crowns

Avoid – Angled crowns, wide and flat visors

Heart faces are characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jaw. To maintain attractive proportions, people with this type of face ought to avoid visors and crowns that are too large. Other than that, this face shape is pretty versatile in terms of hat selection.

Ashton Kutcher & Halle Berry





Round Faces // Snapbacks + Sports Caps

Wear – Sharp lines, structured caps, mid to high crowns, flat visors

Avoid – Unstructured caps, low crowns

If your face is relatively equal in width and length with rounded cheeks, you might have a round shaped face. Round facers tend to look best in hats that feature harder angles and higher crowns, this will balance out the roundness of the face.

Fat Joe & Hayden Panettiere






Diamond Faces // Snapbacks + Sports Caps

Wear – Mid to high crowns, structured

Avoid – Low profile crowns, unstructured

Diamond faces have a lot of width around the cheekbones and eyes but also a narrow forehead and chin. From my experience, diamond faces look best in hats that elongate the face, i.e. styles that have higher crowns.

Ryan Reynolds & Jennifer Lopez


Recommended styles for diamond faces



Oval Faces // Dad Hats + Snapbacks + Sport Caps

Wear – Curve visor, flat visor. Low crown, high crown. Pretty much anything goes!

Avoid – Nothing.

Oval shaped faces is essentially the longer version of the round face. The length of your face is more than the width, while your forehead and chin stay rounded. The options are virtually limitless with the lucky people with this face shape! Most hat structures are suitable, it all comes down to personal choice.

Will Smith & Rihanna






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