Cool & Dry: A Closer Look at Yupoong Performance Fabrics

Published on 9 April 2019

When it comes to baseball cap design, comfort is just as important as aesthetics. Anyone who has worn a 100% acrylic cap in the summer time will agree: it is hard to look good when you are sweating profusely. That is why we developed performance fabrics, a.k.a. technical textiles, to comprise our collection of Cool & Dry baseball caps.

Don’t Sweat It

Different fabrics have different advantages. Acrylic fabric has the advantage of looking and feeling a lot like wool while also being super low cost, which is why it is a top choice for many manufacturers. But acrylic fabrics are notoriously terrible in terms of breathability. Best to avoid these caps in the warmer months.

Below is a close-up look at standard acrylic fabric used in most low-end baseball caps, set alongside a Yupoong Cool & Dry performance fabric. Notice the difference?

Quite clearly, the acrylic fabric has a much denser weave. Without much space for air to flow through, you are left with a material that is about as breathable as a disposable plastic poncho. The Yupoong Cool & Dry performance fabric is clearly designed to address this problem. But in addition to allowing for greater airflow, the fabric is also woven in a way to wick away moisture from sweat and humidity. The result is fabric that keeps you cool, dry and comfortable when things start to heat up.

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Mini Pique

The Yupoong Cool & Dry collection features several performance fabrics each with unique weave patterns. As the name suggests, Yupoong Mini Pique styles feature small format pique, a type of weave normally used with cotton yarn, defined by the arrangement of parallel cords or other geometric designs in the fabric. Because the weave is relatively tight, the fabric looks less textured to the eye, yet still allows for air to flow freely.


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YP Basics Gallery - Yupoong Flexfit basic headwear - Back on CampusHexagon Mesh

Unlike the Mini Pique, the Yupoong Hexagon Mesh features a much larger weave pattern. The result is a three-dimensional surface appearance with the added benefit of four-way stretch. This sporty fabric is light weight, highly breathable and extremely comfortable.



YP Basics Gallery - Yupoong Flexfit basic headwear - Back on Campus

Pique Mesh

The Yupoong Pique Mesh is a good balance of the previous two technical textiles. The larger format pique is woven less densely than the Mini Pique, which in addition to making it a bit lighter, also provides for a more sporty mesh like aesthetic.


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Calocks Tricot

The Yupoong Calocks Tricot fabric features what is called “warp knitting,” in which the yarn zigzags along the length of the fabric. Tricot is a particular type of warp knitting where the yarn zigzags vertically to prevent runs. It also creates a smooth, soft surface appearance. For these reasons, tricot weaves are common in lingerie. Naturally, we applied this to hats.


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YP Basics Gallery - Yupoong Flexfit basic headwear - Back on Campus

Decisions, decisions…

No need to decide, just buy one of each! Just kidding 🙂

Yupoong Cool & Dry fabrics are all composed of similar thread. The primary differentiating factor is the weave, which determines both the aesthetic and the performance of the material. For help deciding the best match for you, we’ve created a quick guide below:

Do you need maximum breathability?

If so, go with the Hexagon Mesh Flexfit.

Prefer fabric that is a bit softer to the touch?

In that case, go with the Calocks Tricot Flexfit.

Need major breathability AND soft hand feel?

The Pique Mesh Flexfit is your best bet.

Need adjustable back?

Check out the 110 Mini Pique Strapback or the 110 Mini Pique Sport Visor.

Need more help deciding?

Shoot us a message on our Facebook Page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


If you have tried Yupoong’s Cool & Dry baseball caps, tell us what you think! Leave a comment below or email us. We love to hear your feedback.